Tim McGraw Lays Down The 7 Rules For Dating His Daughters In 2015 Interview

Tim McGraw Lays Down The 7 Rules For Dating His Daughters In 2015 Interview | Country Music Videos

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How Tim Looks After His Three Girls

Like any father with girls, Tim McGraw expects young men to treat his daughters like ladies. 

McGraw sat down with Extra host Mario Lopez for an interview in April 2015 to discuss his Shotgun Rider Tour and his role in the film Tomorrowland.

Lopez, who has a daughter himself, asked McGraw what it was like to live with three teenage girls.

There’s a lot of estrogen at my house, for sure,” McGraw said.

The Chaos Of So Much Girl Power

McGraw talks about how chaotic it was when his family was getting ready for a TIME Magazine event in New York.

He said that he was so freaked out by all of the dresses and makeup that his daughters had thrown around the room that he simply stayed out of the way and got ready when they were finished.

McGraw said that while he was getting his makeup done, his daughters kept asking him which earrings looked best with their outfits. This prompted his wife, Faith Hill, to say to their daughters “leave your father alone, he’s getting his makeup on!”

Watch Out Fellas, Because Tim Means Business

But don’t get him wrong, McGraw absolutely adores his daughters, Audrey, Maggie, and Gracie. And since they hold such a special place in his heart, McGraw has some strict rules for anyone who wants to take them out on a date. McGraw says his list of rules is:

1. They have to come to the house.

2. They have to meet me.

3. They have to pick them up.

4. They have to come inside.

5. They have to talk to me.

6. They have to talk to their mom.

7. No honking and running out.

McGraw isn’t afraid to intimidate his daughters’ potential suitors either. He tells Lopez that the first time a boy came to take one of his daughters on a date, he just happened to be cutting meat and was covered in blood.

I had a big butcher knife when I answered the door,” said McGraw.”It wasn’t on purpose, but it worked out well.”

The 52nd Annual CMA Awards / Giphy

 It’s obvious that McGraw is very protective of his daughters, a desirable quality for any “real good man” to have. 

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