Tim McGraw Deals With VERY Inappropriate Fan And Wife Faith Hill Takes Action


Back in July of 2007, country music veterans Tim McGraw and Faith Hill kicked off a concert in Lafayette, Louisiana for their Jeep sponsored Soul 2 Soul tour. The expectations were high, seeing that this power couple would be performing together and both had carried quite a remarkable fan base. However, this event was far from what was expected and its mishaps were enough to crush the “souls” of both the dynamic duo and a few guests in particular. 

So, the concert began. McGraw performed his widely appreciated song “Last Dollar (Fly Away)” and incorporated a small amount of interaction between himself and his energetic fans. Unfortunately, sometimes a small amount is all it takes. While casually walking around the perimeter of the stage, McGraw shook hands with a few understandably excited fans. As McGraw makes his way up throughout the crowd, he quickly pulls his hand from the the overeager fans and examines his finger. He immediately backtracks to a woman who had just previously grasped his hand and sternly says to her over the microphone, “Give me my ring back.” Not understanding what he is asking of her, the fan mistakenly believes that McGraw is asking her on stage!

Elated, she starts to pull herself up, attempting to grab McGraw’s arm for support! McGraw retracts his arm from the woman’s reach and repeats “Give me my ring back.” This uncomfortable encounter lasts for a good twenty-five seconds until McGraw motions to security for assistance and begins to leave the stage! Talk about a tough crowd! There’s no doubt that this fan wanted to grow her own set of wings and “fly away”, as it was later found out that she had not stolen the ring at all! It just so happened that McGraw’s ring had fallen off on stage prior to this encounter with his fans and he hadn’t been aware of it until then! However, this incident was just a precursor for what was yet to come!

As the night progressed, McGraw and Hill took stage for a duet at what was said to be the lowest level as to which the stage was from the audience. It was during this number that a female audience member groped McGraw! Upon hearing of this, Hill was not too pleased and took it upon herself to stand by her man and address the issue, and that she did. What woman wouldn’t?

During their succeeding performance, Hill personally called out the female fan that had been so hands on (literally) with her husband! 

“You don’t go grabbin’ somebody else’s, somebody’s husband’s [privates]…”, Hill told the woman!

“Somebody needs to teach you some class!.. That is very disrespectful,” she shouted. 

What was anticipated to be one hell of a night for country fans ultimately became a very literal hell of a night for this country couple. 

However, in kind spirit, McGraw did apologize to the woman who had been mistaken as the culprit for the missing ring. She was said to have been very understanding to the situation and was very forgiving.

Check out the concert video compilation for yourself! Heads up, it’s awkward! 

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