She Ties Her Loose Tooth To The End Of An Arrow and Fires Away! OUCH!


The youngster holding her bright-colored archery set was dead-set on hitting her target, but once you see what she was aiming for, you’ll realize it didn’t matter where she aimed! 

The little girl talks to her mom behind the camera as she has her bow drawn and is aiming past the camera’s viewfinder. 

You can see a faint string dangling from the edge of the notched arrow and traipsed through her hand. 

“Now?” she asks her mom with a tone of excitement. 

“Whenever you’re ready,” her mom replied.

As the girl drew her bow further back and lined up her sights, her mom shouted “Keep your mouth open!” Just then, she released the string and the arrow went sailing through the wooded area leaving the little girl in shock. 

But what was happening?

We’ve all heard of tying a string around a doorknob and our loose tooth to pull it out, but not many of us have taken the time to rethink clever ways of pulling a loose tooth out, however this little girl did just that! 

Watch this incredible video below of this fearless little girl using her bow and arrow to pull a tooth! 

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