Trace Adkins Celebrates Unbreakable Strength Of American People In Uplifting Song ‘Tough People Do’

Trace Adkins / YouTube

Like any country, the United States has experienced its fair share of tough times over the course of its history. All of these events had the ability to shatter the strength of the American people. Yet they managed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and carry on.

It is this unbreakable strength which Trace Adkins sings about in his song “Tough People Do.” The song is a sort of tribute to those who carried on through tough times and made it through to help raise their families and give them a better life.

YouTube video

Adkins sings about historical events that shook the country, such as the Great Depression. He sings about how the wife of four kids with a husband fighting in the war would have to feed her kids with “rationed out beans and watered down milk.” But despite the tough times she experienced, that woman made it through to become a 92-year-old grandmother.

More modern events are also covered in “Tough People Do,” as Adkins sings about rising gas prices and foreclosures on homes in almost every neighborhood. Although news reporters predict the country is going downhill, Adkins reminds them in his song that these tough times will not last, but the tough people will.

Adkins never released “Tough People Do” as any kind of official single, but he did share a tribute video set to the song on his YouTube channel.

The video shows footage and pictures from the various events Adkins discusses in the song, providing a powerful visual to the lyrics. You can see that video below.

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