Trace Adkins Unearths The Secret To Becoming A Country Star

Trace Adkins Unearths The Secret To Becoming A Country Star | Country Music Videos

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With a career spanning almost 30 years, this country music legend definitely has some solid advice for anyone looking to kick off their career in country music – and we have to say, he’s got some solid words of wisdom! 

Trace Adkins is known worldwide for his incredible baritone voice and chart-topping hit songs, but what he might start being known for is his smart advice for folks looking to climb the rungs of the country music ladder. 

In an interview with iHeartRadio, Adkins opens up about the bumps, bruises, and downright difficult times that people seeking a career in music will face.

“They’re gonna come – the hard times are gonna come,” he said with absolute conviction.

When asked what it takes to become a legendary country star, Adkins explained that the number one factor in ‘making it’ is simply patience. 

“Be patient.” Adkins stated. “More than likely it’s not going to happen quickly, so be patient. And even if it does happen, you get a record deal, just realize going in that the business part is gonna be something you can’t do much about, so be patient. 

“You can’t make that machine run any faster than it runs,” He adds. “You just focus on the music and doing what you do – let the other stuff take care of itself, don’t worry about it.”

He also spoke about how to survive the hard times and admitted he had endured his own struggles on the way to the top of the charts, but one adage that always rang true for him: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Watch Trace Adkins spill the beans on becoming a country music star in the video below! 

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