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Troy Tells Eddie He's Going To Shave His Beard...But When He Turns Around?? IN TEARS!!

Montgomery gentry Songs | Troy Tells Eddie He's Going To Shave His Beard...But When He Turns Around?? IN TEARS!! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/MontgomeryGentry101

If there's one thing we love more than Montgomery Gentry's killer music, it's their comedy-filled, personally shot clips that they share with their beloved fans!

It's clear that this dynamic duo knows how to have fun behind the scenes as witnessed in this posted on the band's YouTube channel back in January of 2011. 

The YouTube clip shows band member Troy like we've never seen him before! In a goofy attempt to shave his beard, Troy ultimately decided to take a break halfway through the process and just enjoy the best of both worlds! 

Troy proudly displays the left side of his face to showcase his impressive salt and pepper colored scruff reaching just beyond his sideburn. However, with a quick neck turn, we are unexpectedly presented with a fresh and clean shaven right side of his face! 

Troy slowly adjusts his pose and faces the camera head-on, allowing us to see the hysterical side by side view of his creation of a masculine looking man on the left and a clean cut gentleman on the right. What a contrast! His little ruse elicited quite a bit of laughter from his entourage, as well! 

Its refreshing to witness such an icon in the country music world enjoying the simple things in life! At least we know he has an endearing sense of humor and is able to adequately pull off both of these trendy styles. Lookin' good, Troy! Check out his new look for yourself in the video below! 

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