Guys Hysterically Imagine What It Would Be Like If Their GPS Was From The South

Facebook/This Is Alabama

If you grew up in the South, chances are you say more than a few things that wouldn’t make sense to someone from out of town.

Two guys proved this to be true when they hilariously wondered what would happen if their GPS Navigation was from the South. They punched in their destination and the GPS immediately said, “This way will get you there quicker than a jackrabbit.”

Phrases including “caddy corner,” “You done gone too far,” and “I reckon” were all used along with many others.

At one point the GPS says, “Turn right just before you get to the Shell…or is it a Chevron. Pretty sure it’s a Shell. It’s the place we used to go to to get slush puppies!

It then tells the driver that the location is “over yonder,” and he asks his friend, “Where is over yonder?”

“It says it’s a hop, skip, and a jump away,” the passenger says.

If you’ve ever driven in the South with a friend navigating your way, this scenario is all too true! Do you understand all the phrases? Watch the hysterical video below!

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