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Uncle Si Represents Jase Robertson In Court - Find Out If He Was Found Guilty!

Si robertson Songs | Uncle Si Represents Jase Robertson In Court - Find Out If He Was Found Guilty! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/A&E

The Season 10 premiere of Duck Dynasty aired on Wednesday night (July 6) and it was as funny as we could have hoped!

One of the standout scenes was when Uncle Si invited Jase, Martin, and Godwin to his top secret fishing spot, which happened to be on top of a bridge.

After a successful day of fishing, the men went back to Jase's truck to load up, but when they arrived, he had a parking ticket on his windshield!

Jase insisted Si pay the ticket because it was his fishing spot, but Si insisted Jase pay it because it was his truck! 

Si came to the revelation that he had been parking there for the last 20 years and has never had an issue, so he decided he would fight the ticket for Jase.

Since he's watched every episode of Law and Order over the last two decades, Si figured he was fit to represent Jase in court! 

He began using "lawyer" terminology including "I submit to you, Your Honor", "the precedent has been set", and "I object".

Find out how Si did as Jase's lawyer in the clip below!

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