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Willie Nelson Proves Not All Relationships Need To Be By The Book To Succeed

Willie nelson Songs | Willie Nelson Proves Not All Relationships Need To Be By The Book To Succeed | Country Music Videos
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Country music legend Willie Nelson, although having his fair share of marriages in the past, is a classic example to men and women that "ride or die" partners do exist! 

Nelson had been through a total of three divorces upon meeting Ann Marie (Annie) D’Angelo, the woman who would successfully prove to be the love of his life and stand by her man through thick and thin.

Nelson first became acquainted with D'Angelo back in 1986 when she worked as a makeup artist on his film "Stagecoach". They were later married in 1991, keeping the energy strong and relationship stronger! Despite battling legal issues in light of various drug charges during times of travel, D'Angelo remained Nelson's biggest supporter, aiding in his healthy improvements and lifestyle changes.

Nelson credits D'Angelo with his cleaner eating choices and elimination of a bacon filled diet. Now, while we feel strongly that bacon is an essential food staple and should typically be granted its own food group, we applaud the couple for taking the healthier high road in light of their health. More for us, right?

The two have been married for a whopping 25 years, surpassing any of Nelson's previous marriages by a landslide! While former marriages tend to be viewed as a profound dilemma to most men and women, Nelson says in a CNN interview with Piers Morgan,

"The reason divorces are so expensive is they're worth it."

Calling himself an "incurable romantic", Nelson continues by saying, "You get older, you get wiser."

Although Nelson jokes about D'Angelo being the love of his life "for the moment", this looks to be a love story that won't be coming to an end any time soon.

You can watch the comical and very insightful interview below! 

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