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While On Laughing Gas, Willie Robertson Decides To Get A New Tattoo - You Gotta See This!

Willie robertson Songs | While On Laughing Gas, Willie Robertson Decides To Get A New Tattoo - You Gotta See This! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Whip Clip

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson is not a newbie to the tattoo game.

He has a "K" for his wife, Korie, on his wedding ring finger and has the Buck Commander logo on his forearm.

On a recent episode of Duck Dynasty, Willie had to go to the dentist to get a crown on his tooth, but the problem is, he's afraid of the dentist! 

Remember when he almost passed out when John Luke and Sadie had dental work done?!

Korie convinced him to get his tooth fixed, but he only agreed if he was put on laughing gas. The procedure went well, but Willie woke up with a little more than he bargained for.

While under the influence, Willie asked the dentist to give him a tattoo on his tooth, and the dentist did it! Willie woke up with the duck from the Duck Commander logo actually tattooed on his tooth.


Luckily, it is one of his molars, so no one will really see it!


The dentist reveals that Willie was actually trying to get a squirrel on his front tooth and a few other animals. What an idea!

This whole situation is absolutely hilarious, yet we're glad this didn't happen to us!

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