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Woman Lies Down Beside Two Large Horses. But What Happens Next? I'm SPEECHLESS!

Animals Songs | Woman Lies Down Beside Two Large Horses. But What Happens Next? I'm SPEECHLESS! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Rumble

The bonds humans share with their pets are something truly special. When it comes to cowgirls, no one makes a more faithful companion to them than a trusty horse. 

But there's one woman whose bond with her horses is unlike anything we've ever seen before. She owns an Icelandic horse and an Aegidienberger, and just as much as she loves them, they love her back in return! 

In a sweet video showing the woman's incredible bond with her two horses, she lies down on the ground with them, and they surprisingly cuddle up next to her. They seem completely at ease with her, and even lean in to try and give her a few kisses!

But that's not the most amazing part of the video. In a stunning showcase of just how much trust her horses have in her, the woman was able to stand up on their backs while they remained on the ground. They didn't even flinch!

The woman in the video is actually a horse trainer, so she knows what she's doing and what her horses can handle. Because of that, she's established an unbreakable bond with her two four-legged friends. 

You can watch the amazing video that showcases the friendship between human and horse below.

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