You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For Skynyrd’s ‘Love Don’t Always Come Easy’ Video

You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For Skynyrd’s ‘Love Don’t Always Come Easy’ Video | Country Music Videos

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A Rare Skynyrd Music Video For Rare Kind Of Song

Believe it or not, Lynyrd Skynyrd has actually recorded a few music videos in the past. One of those music videos was created to pair up with the band’s 1993 song, “Love Don’t Always Come Easy,” which was included on their album The Last Rebel.

Unlike some of Skynyrd’s other songs, “Love Don’t Always Come Easy” is a bonafide love song. Written by Ed King and Johnny Van Zant, the song explores the issues a couple may face throughout life.

However, the narrator states that even with all the bumps in the road, “It’s a crime to throw it all away” and give up on love.

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Expressing The Meaning Through Video

Skynyrd recorded and released a music video for the song, which is a rare treat for fans to see. The music video shows clips of Skynyrd performing in a studio setting, focusing primarily on Johnny. Concert footage is also sprinkled throughout the video, along with clips of two actors portraying a couple.

The actors perform their roles according to what Johnny sings at the time. For example, when he sings about how love can hurt, the couple is shown appearing upset with one another. But by the end of the video, the couple has clearly reconciled, and have newfound hope for the future.

It isn’t often we get to see Skynyrd perform in a non-concert setting, which is why this music video is so special. See for yourself below.

We feel like this video made us fall in love with Skynyrd all over again!

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