Young Girl Moves Viewers To Tears With Original Song About God’s Love

Young Girl Moves Viewers To Tears With Original Song About God’s Love | Country Music Videos

Molly Kate Kestner Youtube


Molly Kate Kestner was hailed an angelic sensation when her original song depicting God’s plan and never-ending love had viewers brimming with tears and faith. The young woman uploaded a recording to her Youtube channel that, over its public status, has acquired over 15 million views. 

Kestner’s original masterpiece “His Daughter” followed the life of a young woman finding herself pregnant after a one night stand with a stranger. As the woman struggles throughout the song to find her place in life and pleads with God to save her from her despair, it is when she gives birth to her son that she is finally appreciative of the path God had led her on.

The song’s passionate message struck viewers, as Kestner angelically sang, “Well that baby grew into a boy/ Who became her pride and joy/ He loved her like no man could/ And her heart felt peace, cause she finally understood/ God’s love.” The once frightened mother had found her comfort amongst a previous life of uncertainty, telling her son on her deathbed, There is a God up there/ Who heard my prayer/ I was lost and afraid/ And I had nowhere else to go/ I had no clue, what to do/ And then He sent me you.”

Once you experience this eye-opening number, we’re sure you’ll have the same appreciation for Kestner’s words and message that her viewers did. You can listen to this beautiful song below.  

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