Boot Girls Showcase Line Dance To Carly Pearce’s ‘Hide The Wine’

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Meet The Line Dancing Boot Girls

If you’re into line dancing even a little bit, you’ve likely heard of the Boot Boogie Babes. The famous line dancing team is based in Seattle, and is known worldwide for their lively routines to current country hits.

But did you have any idea that the Boot Boogie Babes also have a sister team? Well they do, and they’re called the Boot Girls!

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While the Boot Boogie Babes are more of an advanced group, the Boot Girls are an intermediate line dancing team. So while their dances may be a little easier for y’all to learn, they’re still quite a challenge!

Carly Pearce Gets Sultry In Sophomore Single

If you love learning new line dances, the Boot Girls showcased one routine you’ll want to add to your own lineup. It’s fun, flirty, and choreographed to one of the hottest songs in country music.

That song is Carly Pearce‘s “Hide the Wine,” the followup to her famous debut single “Every Little Thing.” While the latter song was a tender piece about heartbreak, “Hide the Wine” is the exact opposite.

YouTube video

The sultry song has Pearce singing to a former lover who randomly comes back into town. Knowing that she won’t be able to resist him unless she can stay focused, she sings of needing to “hide the wine” and “turn up the lights.”

Pearce fully embraced her sexy side in the music video for the song, which was shot out in the woods somewhere. At one point, she hops up on a table and starts dancing a little bit, swaying her hips from side to side.

Now Try The Boot Girls’ Smokin’ Hot Dance

The Boot Girls embraced that same sultry vibe in the line dance they put together to match “Hide the Wine.” While their routine features all of your typical line dance moves, there’s plenty of flair to give it a red-hot touch.

If you’re bored of the same old routines, this one could be the perfect dance for you to try. Since it’s at the intermediate level, it’s sure to give you a boost of confidence once you nail all of the steps.

Go ahead and check out the Boot Girls’ sizzling line dance to “Hide the Wine” in the clip below. Once you finish, play it again and try it yourself.

This may be the sexiest line dance you’ll ever see! 

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