Brave Loggers Save Moose from Life-Threatening Situation

Sean O'Carroll / Facebook

Working in the forests as a logger can bring about some unexpected encounters with wildlife. However, for these Canadian loggers, it turned out to be a heartwarming experience.

While they were out on a typical workday, they stumbled upon a cow moose that was trapped under a pile of logs.

Being aware of the importance of wildlife, they sprang into action and came up with a plan. Utilizing their logging gear, they carefully removed the logs that were pinning down the moose.

Despite the moose getting up on its feet, it was unable to make it up the hill. So, the loggers used their machinery to lift the animal up to the flat ground where it was finally able to run away freely.

Moose are the largest species of deer in the world and can grow up to 6.5 feet at the shoulder and weigh over 1,000 pounds. During the winter, they rely on tree tips for their food. Logging operations often provide easy access to an abundance of food, attracting these magnificent creatures.

Ultimately, the loggers’ rescue mission turned out to be a memorable and heartwarming experience for them. It’s not every day that one gets to be up close and personal with a moose and play a role in ensuring its safety.

This moment caught on camera highlights the importance of wildlife conservation and the role that humans can play in preserving the balance of nature.

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