Chip Gaines Creates Christmas Fiasco & Joanna Documents It All

Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper / YouTube

As the holidays go into full swing, families all over are getting their Christmas trees up and stockings hung. The Gaines family decided to go above and beyond this year with the tree – but after watching Chip and Joanna on Fixer Upper – did you expect anything less? And, just like in the show, they hit a few roadblocks along the way. Luckily, Joanna documented it all for us to join in the laughter for!

A Family Tradition

Each year, the Gaines family gets a big, beautiful tree to light up their family living space. The kids help out and at the end of the day, their hard work pays off. Last year’s tree was up and ready by the 7th and Chip was so excited about the season, he bought a kitten!

But this year, the work was just a little bit bigger of a feat to take on…

Everything Keeps Getting Bigger

As the Gaines family grew this year with the addition of Baby Crew, so did Chip’s eye for a tree! Chip fell in love with “the tree of his dreams” at The Robinson Family Farm in Temple Texas. Both families were excited to pick out the perfect tree to make the Gaines’ family home nice and cozy for the holidays.

From Joanna’s first picture you can tell the tree is pretty darn big…

Joanna Gaines / Instagram Story

But for size reference, Chip decided to sit on the giant tree while it was being lifted to the car by a John Deere forklift! Joanna snapped a quick shot and finally told everyone that not only was the tree big…it was 13 feet! Now that is one holly jolly tree.

Joanna Gaines / Instagram Story

Getting It To Fit

After driving the massive tree about 30 miles, it was finally time to unload and decorate. But there was one thing the Gaines family didn’t fully think through before purchasing the giant…will it even fit?!

Luckily, Chip had measuring tapes laying around to help him figure out what doors to go through and where to put the tree.

Joanna Gaines / Instagram Story

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

After measuring and planning out his route, Chip knew he would need just a little extra help carrying in the mammoth of a tree.


Chip recruited the older kids and anyone else that he could to help him hoist the beast up. At one point, things got a little sticky and it almost looked like the tree wouldn’t fit under the ceiling!

Joanna Gaines / Instagram Stories

They even realized that once it got to its spot in the dining and living area…the family furniture needed to be adjusted so it could fit. Joanna joked, “Crew is wondering if we are serious.”

Joanna Gaines / Instagram Story

A Dream Tree

At the end of the day, it all came together and Chip truly did find a “dream tree.” Joanna got to work, decorating the 13-foot tree from head to toe with glistening lights and delicate Christmas ornaments.

She told her fans that “It nearly took all day and a few friends but she’s finished!!”

And just like that, the Gaines family had their holiday tree all set up and ready to go. They even figured out a way to fit Joanna’s dining table in the room.

Joanna Gaines / Instagram Story

While the tree might have been a fiasco – it sure looked great all set up. Really, getting ready for the holidays never goes exactly as planned but when you have Chip and Joanna setting it all up – it will always come together to be something beautiful.

Check out what she’s created for other around-the-house decorations in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments! 

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