Coca-Cola Launches New Line Of Signature Mixers For Cocktails


America’s favorite soda pop is getting an upgrade! Coca-Cola has announced the launch of their signature mixers – handcrafted and extra flavorful. While nothing will quite beat the crisp, fresh flavor of the original Coca-Cola, there’s nothing wrong with spicing things up every now and again, right?!

The History Of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has been a crowd favorite since the late 19th century. The carbonated drink was invented by Confederate Colonel John Pemberton who became wounded after fighting in the American Civil War. It was during his time of bedrest that he found himself addicted to morphine and yearned to find a better substitute for the drug. On May 8, 1886, Coca-Cola made its first sale – ringing up as just five cents a bottle.

Fast forward 132 years later and a lot has changed. From vanilla to lime to cherry and back, the beloved brand has created some delicious flavors that keep consumers continuing to sip on their favorite red can. So it was no surprise when Coca-Cola’s newest addition was a near-perfect fit.

Signature & Delicious Mixers

As Coca-Cola has become the ultimate mixer for any liquor of choice, including whiskey, rum, and tequila, their new signature mixers took cocktails to a new level.


The mixers will be hitting the UK market in June featuring four flavors created by different mixologists. According to Coca-Cola, here’s what you can expect from each.

  1. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Smoky Notes, by Max Venning

An intensely aromatic blend with smoky hints…this mix will bring beauty to your deep, spiced rums and bold, premium whiskies. You can also expect dried fruit tastes with a base of warm brown spices.

  1. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Spicy Notes, by Adriana Chía and Pippa Guy

A warm introduction with a fierce finish is the perfect way to describe this “sophisticated and complex” blend. Citrusy, lime, ginger, spicy jalapeno, rosemary, and aromatic jasmine are brought to life through this mix. Pairing well with spiced rums, gold tequilas, and spicy/sweet whiskies.

  1. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Herbal Notes, by Antonio Naranjo

A delicious floral, crisp, and tart mix describe this fresh flavor that focusing on earthy tones. Balancing refreshing notes of lemongrass, it is a more simple mix that will pair perfectly with amber whiskies and rums.

  1. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Woody Notes by Alex Lawrence

This earthy mix will meet all your summer needs. The mix carries a tart, light, and refreshing taste with just a hint of warmth behind it. Blended elegantly, with patchouli, citrusy yuzu, and basil, this mix will pair well with golden rums and smoky/woody whiskies.


Now, thanks to Coca-Cola’s Signature Mixers, you don’t need an excuse for a delicious cocktail – you can create it yourself, right from your own home.

Let’s get to mixin’!

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