Cody Johnson’s Undying Love For His Wife Showcased In New Video

Cody Johnson / YouTube

Cody Johnson‘s new video for “On My Way To You,” pulls on every heartstring you didn’t know you had. Through his lyrics and beautiful visuals, he tells the story of how he found happiness in the love of his wife. Every moment depicted in the video is sweeter than the next. It is hard not to become overwhelmed with emotion just watching the couple rekindle the love they first found years ago. 

The video opens with a middle-aged couple sitting on their front porch together. They are the quintessential picture of pure, simple happiness. With two beers in their hands, they clink their bottles, not able to stop exchanging loving glances.

Cody Johnson / YouTube

The man gets up, giving his wife the coveted forehead kiss that could make any girl swoon and begins to walk inside the house for another beer. He stops as he opens the door to look back at the woman of his dreams with a look that is worth a thousand words and a million moments.

Cody Johnson / YouTube

Just then, the video flashes back to a younger version of the man going through that same door and jumping in an old blue pickup truck. He drives to a local dive bar to meet some friends but as he is joking and laughing with them – he sees a kind-eyed girl across the room. After gathering up the courage, the young man walks over to talk to her. This single moment would change the course of their lives forever.

Cody Johnson / YouTube

From there, the young girl meets his friends, plays pool, and gets spun around the dance floor in the arms of a stranger who would soon become a life-long friend and everlasting love.

Johnson flashes in an out of the video, sitting on his own porch playing guitar and singing, “All the boats I’ve missed/ All the hell I’ve caused/ All the lips I’ve kissed/ All the love I’ve lost/ I thank God for that/ I guess he always knew/ I was on my way to you/On my way to you…”

The song’s lyrics tell of how everything that you go through in life is leading you to a place of happiness. For this couple, it was in each other’s arms.

The video cuts back to present time and the couple is older now – still dancing and playing pool, happy in each other’s arms. As they leave the bar they first met in, the man opens the door for his wife to the same old truck he was driving the first time he met her – reminding us that the good things in life last when you want them to.

Cody Johnson / YouTube

The video closes with Johnson’s own wife joining him on the porch and the two clink their glasses before engaging in a passionate kiss. Johnson actually attributed the creative inspiration to his wife, Brandi, in an interview with PEOPLE saying, “For the video, I actually let my beautiful wife Brandi make all those decisions. She had a great vision on the look, the feel, the producer, etc. She did a great job!”

It is obvious that when Johnson sings this song, it is with his own life and love in mind. With a three-year-old daughter, it is nice to see this happy family still enjoying the simple moments in life together. You can watch the couple’s love story below and if you have your own story to share, be sure to tell us all about it in the comments! 

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