Country Star Confronts Golf Legend At Wedding Over “S**tty Golfing”

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Warning: This Article Contains Language That May Not Be Suitable For All Viewers

With some liquid courage, the country singer spotted this famous golfer across the room at a mutual friend’s wedding and decided to give him a piece of his mind – one that wasn’t quite “well-received.”

Jake Owen, a popular country singer, and well-known golf enthusiast is friends with Jordan Spieth (a pro golfer) and so is Phil Mickelson.

So, during last Thanksgiving weekend, both were spotted at his big day in Texas – just the day after an infamous showdown between Tiger Woods and Mickelson.

Owen was just one of the millions of avid golf fans who coughed up cash to watch the history-making Woods v. Mickelson event on pay-per-view television – and paid $29.99 for it. But, in the end, Owen thought that the golf played was sub-par…and he figured he’d give Mickelson a piece of his mind.

Now, Jake Owen isn’t just a golf enthusiast – he actually plays and competes in golf, too! He has a one handicap and played in 2018’s Tour’s Nashville Golf Open.

Knocking a few back (as one does at a wedding), Owen decided he was going to walk over to Mickelson and give him a piece of his mind.

“I did give Phil Mickelson a lot of shit though,” he explained to Barstool Sports. “I had a few cocktails and uhhh…I saw him across the room and thought ‘I gotta go tell this guy what I think’.”

“So, I walked over to him and was like ‘Hey Phil – you owe me f**king $29.99…for wasting four hours of my life with the shittiest golf I’ve ever seen!’.”

This wasn’t the first time Owen had met Mickelson and their exchange was more in good fun and some sharp jabs at each other, but jaw-dropping nonetheless. Even the guys on the Barstool Sports podcast were shocked when he told them the story – and one even covered his face!


Wild as it is already – this story is just getting started! After Owen was done laying into Mickelson for the undesirable golf game he forked over $30 to watch, Mickelson had his own comeback…and it was SPICY.

Owen continued to Mickelson, “You guys hype this whole thing up about this big match? You guys couldn’t even make three birdies between the two of you? I want my $29.99 back and apologize to me for some shitty golf.”

At this point, Mickelson pulls out a wad of cash from his pocket and grabs a $100 bill and throws it Owen’s way.

“I won 90,000 of these yesterday….take 100 and go f*ck yourself,” Mickelson said straight to Owen’s face.

Even if you think Owen might have been exaggerating in this jaw-dropping story, Mickelson backed him up and responded to it all with a tweet of his own – “True story :).”

Check out the full video below – and let us know what you think of Jake Owen’s super ballsy move! 

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