Couple Finds Baby Possum Hitching A Ride On Their Dog

Couple Finds Baby Possum Hitching A Ride On Their Dog | Country Music Videos

Facebook / Sally Watkinson


Hitching a ride with a friend is no big deal, but it becomes a whole lot cuter when the friends in question are a dog and a possum.

UPDATE!!! It happened again!!! so bizarre. Today I went to Jon's house to pick to find Kato again with another baby…

Posted by Sally Watkinson on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Kato is Sally and Jon Watkinson’s friendly dog, who was out for his daily walk and came home with an orphaned baby possum attached to his back. To make matters even more bizarre, this is the second time this situation has occurred for the Watkinsons.

Kato is a Puli dog – these friendly big boys and girls are known for their corded coat, which can make them look like walking mops. The Watkinsons commended Kato for a job well done, and called animal control to safely rescue and care for the baby possum.

A similar thing happened early in 2019 when a friendly beagle adopted an orphaned possum after she lost her litter of puppies.

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