Crocodile Eats Shark Whole While Woman Films Encounter

Fishing Australia TV / Facebook

While most people would label sharks as being the top predator in the ocean, every once in a while something bigger comes along. A recent video captured by a woman fishing shows a massive crocodile eating two sharks.

Fishing Australia TV / Facebook

The incident took place in North Queensland, Australia where saltwater crocodiles are prevalent. Most often these crocodiles spend their time in brackish water which is a mix of freshwater and water from the ocean. This ideal environment for a crocodile is usually where rivers flow into the ocean. Though they spend much of their time in the water, saltwater crocodiles must come ashore to warm up in the sun and to nest. This means that they generally aren’t seen swimming out in the ocean. However, occasionally a croc will venture out there in search of food.

Fishing Australia TV / Facebook

Such was the case with a rather large saltwater crocodile that had its food practically presented to it. The video footage captures two beached sharks that were caught and reeled in by some people fishing on the shore. Before the anglers can move in and claim their catch, the croc appears out of the water, moves towards the stranded sharks, and swallows them both whole.

Watch the video below.

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