Dad Drops TV From 2nd Story After Toddler Punches Him In The Crotch

Dad Drops TV From 2nd Story After Toddler Punches Him In The Crotch | Country Music Videos

YouTube / ViralHog


Anyone who has struggled with moving a large TV from one floor to another knows that the task can take an impeccable level of concentration. Figuring out angles, working out how to turn corners, and balancing an awkwardly shaped giant rectangle with your moving partner can all take some serious mental gymnastics.

YouTube / ViralHog

This dad and his friend were trying to move a TV from one level of the house to another, and clearly, it was a large undertaking. The TV itself was huge, and the pair weren’t sure how they were going to get it from the upper level of the house to the lower. To add complications to the issue, they were trying to get the job done outside.

YouTube / ViralHog

Someone from inside the house brings out a cloth for the pair to rest the TV while they try to work out how to maneuver down the outdoor stairs. While dad is carefully balancing the TV on the second level railing, his son emerges and gives him an unexpected slap where it counts – and the TV comes crashing down to the concrete floor below.

Better luck next time, Dad!

Check out the full video below.

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