Deer Attacks Biker & He Wrestles It To The Ground

MineClip / YouTube

In 2022, a video from China’s Sichuan Province started making the rounds on the internet, and it quickly went viral. The video shows a buck attacking a biker’s jet-black motorcycle with its impressively large antlers.

MineClip / YouTube

The biker tries to push the deer away, but the animal was clearly in battle mode and used raw force to continually gore the man’s bike. The man’s friend tries to jump in and help, but the deer charges towards him too, letting him know that its the boss.

Eventually, the buck knocks the motorcycle to the ground and sets its sights on the biker.

As the animal gets close to the biker, he grabs it by the horns to prevent it from goring him and that’s when an epic battle unfolded that was caught on camera.

MineClip / YouTube

Deer aren’t typically threatening animals, and the only time they tend to show aggression is during their rutting season, which is in September in the United States.

During this time, bucks are flooded with testosterone, and they want to attack anything and everything in their line of sight. Male deer are on the hunt for a mate, and they’ll stop at nothing to prove their manhood.

They’ll duel other males, or in this case, attack inanimate objects like a motorcycle.

The urge to reproduce is so strong that bucks rarely take the time to eat during the rutting season, and they’ll destroy anything in their path.

Watch The Deer Attacking Biker Video Below

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