Deer Walks Up To Man & Nudges His Hand Hoping To Get Pet

Deer Walks Up To Man & Nudges His Hand Hoping To Get Pet | Country Music Videos

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Anyone with a dog knows that man’s furry best friend loves to beg for a good petting or head scratch, but did you know that deer sometimes do the same thing? This video shows a Minnesota family’s encounter with a gorgeous female deer who wanted nothing more than to get some head scratches before going on her way.

Deer aren’t normally comfortable with people. They usually spook easily, and will run away if approached. Deer who have been around people for much of their lives may be more accustomed to being friendly. This may also be true of deer who are used to getting food from neighborhood friends.

John Dolan shared the video of the large doe walking down the street alongside his son.

“My son was going to get mail and I noticed the deer coming close to him,” Dolan wrote. “It’s the coolest and craziest thing I have ever seen. A beautiful healthy doe, just cruising the neighborhood.”

Of course, it’s not a good idea to approach a wild animal, and deer are capable of injuring someone if they’re scared or angry. That being said, this Minnesota family sure got to enjoy a rare encounter with a beautiful animal.

We do not recommend interacting with wild animals as it can be dangerous.

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