Doctors Find Brown Recluse Spider In Woman’s Ear

Doctors Find Brown Recluse Spider In Woman’s Ear | Country Music Videos

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Ever feel like you’ve got something stuck in your ear that you can’t quite reach? Ever wonder if it’s a spider?

Welcome to a nightmare.

For one Missouri woman, this nightmare became her reality. Susie Torres woke up one morning in her Missouri home and heard a swishing sound in her ear- she compared it to the sound you hear after water gets stuck in your ear when you go swimming.

Torres thought she was having an allergic reaction to a recent allergy shot, so she went into the hospital to get checked out. A medical assistant noticed the real issue – a venomous brown recluse spider had set up camp inside Torres’ ear.

Luckily, Torres wasn’t bitten by the creepy-crawly creature, but that doesn’t mean she was unscathed by the incident.

She said she’s now taking measures to ensure that nothing like this happens again. Torres said, “I went and put some cotton balls in my ears last night. I’m shaking off my clothes, and I don’t put my purse on the floor. I’m a little more cautious.”

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