Doorbell Camera Captures Hurricane Dorian Destroying Home

Doorbell Camera Captures Hurricane Dorian Destroying Home | Country Music Videos

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Hurricane Destroys Family’s Home

Jason Sawyer and his wife heard the warnings about Hurricane Dorian coming toward their home in North Carolina’s Emerald Isle so they left town to be safe. However, while they were gone Jason was curious about what was going on and had the great idea to check his doorbell camera and that’s when he witnessed his house being destroyed by a tornado.

Damage at Emerald Isle, North Carolina from one of the tornadoes spawned Thursday morning by Hurricane Dorian. Photo courtesy of the NWS Morehead City, NC Forecast Office

Posted by Tom Skilling on Thursday, September 5, 2019

“The doorbell camera too was offline and then we received reports of a tornado in the area,” Jason said. “That’s when we checked the event history and saw the video.”

Lifting Their House Into The Air

The video showed high-level winds cutting through their backyard and eventually lifting their house into the air right before the camera cuts off. It’s definitely shocking to see and makes you realize how powerful tornados really are.

“We were amazed and really just taken back,” Jason said. “It was surreal to see it happen. The sound was the most notable part and really just emphasized how powerful the tornado was. It should serve as a warning to anyone that thinks they can ‘ride it out’ to reconsider. Everyone was concerned with the hurricane and never considered a water spout turned tornado.”

Jason & His Wife Were Safe

Jason’s friend also took some photos of what was left of their house and sent them to him. Apparently he’s not able to get to his house yet because the bridge to the island is currently closed. Thankfully though, Jason and his wife were safe because they did the smart thing and left before the hurricane hit. Watch the video below to see what his doorbell caught on camera.

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