‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Bella Robertson Hospitalized After ‘Pretty Bad Wreck’

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Bella Robertson Hospitalized After ‘Pretty Bad Wreck’ | Country Music Videos

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The Robertson family experienced their fair share of highs and lows over the course of the past week.

Even though the Robertson’s hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty ended in 2017, the family still keeps fans updated on their lives through social media. Fans have been able to watch the “kids” from the show grow up through the photos they and their parents share online.

Willie and Korie Robertson‘s children have recently experienced a number of major life events. Their daughter, Sadie, got engaged and plans to marry later this year. On top of that, their daughter, Rebecca, gave birth to their first grandchild in January, and their son, John Luke, is currently expecting his first child.

The upcoming birth of John Luke’s baby boy was what Korie celebrated as a “high” moment to her week. She shared on Instagram that she got the chance to see the baby on a 4D ultrasound when she accompanied John Luke and his wife Mary Kate to their appointment.

But in the midst of that joy, the Robertsons were also left to deal with some “low” events. In her same post, Korie revealed that Willie’s aunt Jan had passed away that week. Jan, whose brother is Willie’s father Phil, was a huge source of support for the family.

Korie shared that it was Jan who “never gave up on Phil and Kay‘s marriage” when Phil was struggling with alcohol and other inner demons. Korie credits Jan for setting him on the right track.

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These are not the greatest pics but our fam has had some high’s and lows this week and I wanted to share. High: We got to see John Luke and Mary Kate’s baby boy because of the miracle of the 4D ultrasound and he is absolutely adorable! Cannot wait to meet him ? Lows: Bella had a pretty bad wreck. So scary! Thankfully she’s okay, a sprained shoulder and really sore. The crazy thing is she ran into her uncle, my brother (sorry @ryan75howard small town??‍♀️)Friends happened to be behind her so were with her as soon as it happened, my parents were by her side quickly and went to the hospital with her. This was the first night of this run of the #getawaynight tour. It’s tough being away when you get this phone call, but knowing she was surrounded by friends and family as soon as it happened made it bearable. So thankful! Also, Willie’s Aunt Jan passed away this week. We’re sad, but thankful she’s in the arms of Jesus and are all looking forward to seeing her again some day. We flew home today just in time to hug everyone and be there for the funeral and then hustled back to Knoxville to speak tonight for our marriage tour. It seemed just right to be telling our story and talking about marriage tonight after remembering Jan. We’ve talked today about how we got to witness her and Gordon’s love for one another. They loved each other unconditionally through it all. Also, Jan was the one who never gave up on Phil and Kay’s marriage. She’s the sister who sent the preacher into the bar to try to talk to her brother. She never stopped praying for him. And there was a time when Phil and Kay were separated and Kay came to West Monroe with her three young boys (Jep wasn’t born yet) because Jan and Gordon lived here. Had she not been the passionate woman of God that she was, that never gave up hope on Phil and Kay and the boys, life for us would have been totally different. Willie and I would have probably never met, our kids wouldn’t be here. I can guarantee you Duck Dynasty would have never happened. You might not think that your prayers matter, that your marriage matters, that the influence you have on the people around you matter, Jan’s life proves it does!

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On top of that, Korie said that her and Willie’s youngest daughter, 17-year-old Bella, was involved in “a pretty bad wreck” that week. Thankfully, she’s alright, though she did have to be hospitalized and now has a sprained shoulder.

Korie says that as luck would have it, Bella actually hit a car driven by her own uncle, Korie’s brother Ryan. Bella’s friends also happened to be driving behind her at the time of the accident, and quickly stopped to help her.

Willie and Korie were out of town on their speaking tour, and couldn’t get to Bella right away. So Korie’s parents rushed to be by her side and stayed with her in the hospital.

It’s tough being away when you get this phone call, but knowing she was surrounded by friends and family as soon as it happened made it bearable. So thankful!” Korie wrote.

We too, are thankful that Bella and Ryan are alright after their accident. We’ll be praying for Bella’s quick and complete recovery.

Our prayers also go out to the entire Robertson family as they mourn Jan’s passing. It’s clear she was a beloved member of the family and that she’ll be dearly missed.

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