Elvis And ‘Follow That Dream’ Co-Star Holly Kiss After He Sings ‘Angel’

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A love song, a porch, and a pillow set the scene for one of the steamiest Hollywood scenes. Young Elvis Presley plays the irresistible Toby Kwimper in the 1962 musical Follow That Dream. America’s favorite heartthrob had every young girl day-dreaming of true love.

https://youtu.be/zD0xsv2BHFw Follow that Dream (Elvis Presley) USA 1962

Posted by Marcos Zamora on Saturday, September 8, 2018

The film tells the story of a family that is traveling through Florida when an unexpected section of the highway takes them off course. Tagging along on the ride is the family’s nineteen-year-old babysitter, Holly who shows heavy admiration toward Toby. After the group realizes they are lost they decide to set up camp until help comes. Frustration arises from highway commissioner H. Arthur King, who is disgusted with the Kwimpers’ attempt at residency in his town.

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Posted by Asoka Weerasinghe on Saturday, May 28, 2016

It doesn’t take long for trouble to follow the family into their new home. From revenge to courthouse hearings, the plot takes a wild turn.

Several Elvis original songs are featured in the musical, one of them being “Angel.” The “Angel” scene begins by showing Toby lying on a bench outside Holly’s beach hut. He softly strums his guitar as he starts to sing, dreaming of an angel-like woman.

“Angel, with those angel eyes, come and take this earth boy up to paradise”

Peaking through the window, he spots Holly inside. As he continues his serenade, Holly comes outside onto the porch where Elvis awaits her entrance. Stepping out in a beautiful white dress, Elvis finishes his love song.

“Hello Holly.” He swoons, “Hello Toby.” She answers. “You do look awful pretty tonight… too bad ain’t nobody here to see ya.”

Holly scoots in closer to the singer, asking about a previous kiss Toby shared with another woman in town.

With slight hesitation, Toby begins to explain detail by detail of what happened. Unexpectedly, Holly tells him she wants to reenact what happened between the two. Placing a pillow underneath his head, as they stare into each other’s eyes… the passion unfolds.

Watch the steamy full video below to see what happens…

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