Family Dog Devours $4K In Cash


Cecil, a 7-year-old Goldendoodle, surprised his family by devouring a significant amount of bills that were “shredded all over the room.”

The classic tale of the dog eating homework became a reality for a Pennsylvania couple, Clayton and Carrie Law. In an unexpected turn of events, their dog Cecil devoured an envelope containing thousands of dollars intended for a home improvement project, leaving them briefly out of pocket.

As the pair told TODAY, they left the envelope of money on the counter after taking it out for the sake of investing in a new fence. But it didn’t last long.

“I just walked around the house just doing stuff and came back and then all of a sudden, I walked in on Cecil just standing over a pile of mutilated cash, essentially,” Clayton Law laughs.

The Laws say Cecil had never, in all seven years of his life, gotten on the counter before and typically is more of a snuggly couch potato.

“So this was like, pretty shocking,” Carrie Law shared of her 100-pound doodle. “It’s just never been of interest to him.”

Cecil the dog on the couch.
TODAY / Courtesy of Carrie Law
Carrie Law with her dog Cecil.
TODAY / Courtesy of Carrie Law

Clayton Law Said They Were “In Disbelief.”

The couple withdrew $4,000 from their bank account and left it on their kitchen counter for about 30 minutes.

“I was working at the other end of the house and all of a sudden I hear Clayton yelling that Cecil has eaten the money. It just didn’t even register because he’s never done anything remotely like that in his life,” Carrie said. 

According to his owners, Cecil then spent the afternoon engaging in play, taking naps, and watching TV—all while harboring a belly filled with thousands of dollars.

In the meantime, she decided to call the bank.

“I said, ‘You’re going to think I’m crazy, but this is what happened, so what do we do?’” Law said. 

“They were really nice about it and said if we could tape bills together and if they had the majority of the left and right serial number[s] present, they would be able to replace those bills. So, we taped up the stuff that had just been shredded on the floor.”

As reported by CBS affiliate KDKA, the couple estimated that their dog had ingested approximately $2,000 in bills. The challenging process of retrieving the money involved sifting through Cecil’s waste, where Clayton and Carrie meticulously recovered and cleaned torn pieces of bills, piecing them together like a puzzle.

Carrie Law searching for the money her dog ate.
Fox News / Courtesy of Carrie Law

In order to exchange the damaged money at the bank, they needed to provide more than 50% of each bill, and they narrowly met the requirement, ultimately receiving a refund of $3,550.


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The unusual collection process took about three days.

“They [the bank] said it actually happens quite a bit because money just picks up so many scents, especially if it’s used in the food industry. I guess dogs pick up on that — they have such a good sense of smell — and something about it just drove him crazy.”

In the end, despite the cash chaos and the crazy three-day money puzzle, the Laws are just happy that their dog’s antics are bringing laughter to others who can relate to pets doing silly things.

“We’re just happy the story’s making people laugh. I think a lot of people can relate to this because we’ve all had a pet or a kid that has done something silly like this in one way or the other and you just can’t be mad at them. You just have to love them anyway.”

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