Florida Crocodile Spotted Floating On Pool Noodle

Florida Crocodile Spotted Floating On Pool Noodle | Country Music Videos

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We’ve all been there – had a few beers, a few burgers, and while the pool looks refreshing, swimming isn’t happening. That’s where noodles and rafts come in for tired vacationers who want to hang out in the pool. In Florida, a sleepy crocodile had the same idea to make his way from one side of a canal to the other.

Key Largo local Victor Perez was outside when he spotted the croc making his way across the canal. Perez said that he wasn’t sure where the crocodile got the noodle, but he didn’t see any nearby swimmers in distress.

Perez told the Miami Herald, “I’m on my balcony, and all of a sudden, I see this noodle and there’s a crocodile hanging off of it.” While crocodiles are a fairly common sighting in Key Largo, there haven’t been any reports of them using pool equipment to take a load off after a long day. One good thing about a croc using a noodle- they’re easy to spot!

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