Florida Man Hand-Feeds Pork Loin To Wild Alligator

@onlyinfloridaa / Instagram

Get ready to witness the most Florida thing you’ve seen all week!

Video footage shows a suntanned man rocking a baby blue tank top, white glasses, and a white hat casually wading chest-deep in a creek full of alligators like he didn’t have a care in the world.

If that didn’t make you think, “What the heck is going on here?” What happens next will!

Not only was he in apex predator waters, but he also had his lady with him in there too, and they had a handful of pork loin in their hands, tearing off pieces trying to lure the gators in to hand-feed them. Jaw-dropping…we know.

The man splashes the top of the water as if he’s done this before, and sure enough, the splashing attracts one of the gators to swim up to them.

The gator’s head looks bigger than the man’s head, but the man wasn’t intimidated at all. He coaxed the gator into getting right up on him and he tapped it on the nose before dropping a piece of the pork loin into the reptile’s mouth.

@onlyinfloridaa / Instagram

The gator received the meat and promptly swam away to eat it as the man tore off another piece of pork loin and threw it at the gator so he could have another bite.

It’s not clear if the man and woman were familiar with these gators or not, but they sure seemed to be. It’s definitely not something just anybody would want to do (getting in the water with gators), but fortunately for them, it appears no one was injured during the incident.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that Floridians have a low probability of being bitten by alligators, but that wasn’t taking into account the man hand-feeding this alligator.

In 2021 alone, seven people suffered severe bites from these reptiles, while 442 unprovoked bites have been reported from 1948 to 2021. Shockingly, 26 people have been killed during this period due to alligator attacks.

Although the FWC claims that the probability of an unprovoked alligator attack resulting in severe injury is approximately 1 in 3.1 million, it is vital to remember that feeding these creatures is strictly prohibited in Florida. The video posted on Instagram has sparked various comments from the public.

“I have a friend that is a nuisance gator hunter in Florida. He has a job because of people like these. He would just as soon leave them to do their own thing if this crowd didn’t desensitize them so that they come looking for a meal when they hear little Billy jump in the river,” one commenter wrote on the Instagram video.

“This is illegal for good reason. Someone is likely to be hurt by training these dinosaurs to associate swimmers with food. Only a moron would do this,” another said.

“And this makes alligators think they should come up to strangers for food…which is what I noticed when paddle boarding. This is dangerous,” a third commented.

Watch The Video Of The Man Feeding Gator Pork Loin

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