Goat Tries To Cuddle When Musician Plays Guitar And Sings

Goat Tries To Cuddle When Musician Plays Guitar And Sings | Country Music Videos

photo credit: The Gentle Barn


Katie Buxton is a growing musician and songwriter who recently became famous for singing in barnyards with farm animals and has just been featured on The Gentle Barn Facebook for singing with a goat.

The Gentle Barn Organization

The Gentle Barn is an organization whose mission is to rehabilitate animals that have suffered from abuse and neglect, and they also like to educate people on how to properly take care of animals. Most of the animals featured on their Facebook page are farm animals, and they often show stories of saving animals from bad situations.

It appears The Gentle Barn reached out to Katie about posting one of her videos of her singing with a goat on their Facebook page and since it’s been posted it’s been getting a lot of attention. The video has gotten over 73 thousand likes and 2.8 thousand comments. Mostly from people who say they love the song and the goat while others want to know what song she’s singing.

Katie Serenades The Goat

At the start of the video, the goat has its head on her guitar, hugging Katie as she starts to play. As she strums the strings and fills the air with lovely tunes, the goat lifts its head up to listen.

Katie sings, “I know my time is up in the place, when all my days are looking the same, and I want something that’s different, I want to keep wishing for something in my life to change.”

The video is absolutely adorable, and Katie sings so heavenly. Unfortunately, the video is very short and leaves you wanting to hear more of the song. However, the sixty seconds that you get to hear is just wonderful and will probably have you hitting replay.

Watch The Adorable Video Below

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