Golfers Record Bald Eagle Snatching Seagull Out Of The Sky

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A group of guys were out at Point Grey Gold & Country Club in Vancouver, Canada getting their swings on when their game was interrupted by an eagle hunting a seagull.

Astonished at the wild encounter, the guys stopped the game and one of them pulled out his phone to record the wild chase.

The footage showed the majestic North American raptor hot on a seagull’s tail as it tried to catch up with the seabird.

The seagull was actually doing very well to outmaneuver the eagle, even though the eagle certainly had more speed and power than the seagull.

Every time the eagle was about to sink its talons into the back of the seagull, the seagull would do a quick turn and dodge the attack.

The birds were flying just a few dozen yards away from the golfers and the seagull actually got away with its life quite a few times.

Eventually, however, the powerful eagle strategically flew into the seagull’s blind spot and caught up to its prey.

The seagull tried to do its normally effective quick-turn-away move but this time the eagle knew what was coming and timed its attack PERFECTLY.

The eagle snatched its prey right out of the air and slowly carried it to the ground where it could pin the bird and reposition its talons to get a better grip.

After getting its talons wrapped securely around the seagull’s neck, it then used its powerful wings to lift them both off the ground and took back off into the sky. Most likely to its nest where it could start eating it.

Watch The Eagle Vs Seagull Video Below

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