Green Army Women Toys Will Go On Sale Next Year

Green Army Women Toys Will Go On Sale Next Year | Country Music Videos

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Even with all the high tech gadgets that are now out on the market, some of the most popular toys are just tiny pieces of bright green plastic. Of course, we’re talking about the famous Green Army Men figurines.

The Green Army Men figurines have been around since the 1930s, and first became popular in the 1950s following WWII. Today, the toys are still beloved by children, thanks in large part to the Toy Story films, in which the Green Army Men are characters.

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Although the toys have been around for decades, they’ve hardly changed. But soon, a big change is coming to their ranks, and it’s an exciting one.

Army Times reports that a six-year-old girl named Vivian Lord wrote letters to three companies that make the Green Army Men toys, including BMC Toys. In her letters, Lord wrote about how disappointed she was to see that none of the soldiers in her Green Army Men set looked like her.

Why do you not make girl army men?” she asked.

Her question prompted BMC Toys to make a change, and this month, the company announced it would be unveiling the first-ever Green Army Women figurines in the fall 0f 2020.

BMC Toys shared a few photos to showcase what the new figurines may look like when they finally hit store shelves.

Plastic Army Women sculpt compatibility test with 54mm soldiers from Tim Mee and BMC Toys. 1950s Nurse figure is 60mm (courtesy ToySoldierHQ)

Posted by BMC Toys on Monday, September 2, 2019

Plastic Army Women "Captain" pose original sculpt.

Posted by BMC Toys on Monday, September 2, 2019

Maybe having a set of plastic Army women will help some kid somewhere be the hero of their own story at playtime,” said Jeff Imel of BMC Toys.

What do you think of the Green Army women figurines? Will you be purchasing a set? You’ll have to wait until next fall, but they could make the perfect 2020 Christmas gift!

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