Small House Cat Fights Gator To Protect Territory

Small House Cat Fights Gator To Protect Territory | Country Music Videos

photo credit: JukinVideo / YouTube


Cat VS Group Of Alligators

When tourists come to Southern Louisiana for a vacation they got to witness a battle between a courageous cat named Mugsy and a group of alligators. The tourists all sit back on a porch out of the rain as their tour guide entertains them by throwing some meat to a group of alligators near the water’s edge. Three gators eagerly climb out of the water to get a free meal.

The Cat Creeps Right Up To One Gator

For Mugsy the cat, these were three trespassers he had to let know that this was his territory. Impressively not afraid, Mugsy creeps right on up to one of the gators as it sits still with its mouth open showing all its teeth.

The tourist mother in the background can be heard saying, “Oh sweetie, the kitty! Don’t eat the kitty.”

The tour guide yells to the cat, “Get him, Mugsy! Don’t put up with that,” as the mother cries out again saying, “Get the cat away; he’s gonna eat the cat.”

The cat continues to move towards the gator with pure confidence. They both stand about one foot apart from one another not making a move. Then all of a sudden the cat does a quick smack to the gator’s nose with a hiss and the gator freaks out!

The gator takes off into the water and the rest of the gators follow him. Mugsy simply lays down on the ground claiming his spot and making a point that he’s the boss of this territory.

Watch the incredibly brave cat versus alligator video in full below. 

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