How To Make “Cowboy Coffee”

How To Make “Cowboy Coffee” | Country Music Videos

Cowboy Kent Rollins / YouTube

Take it from a real cowboy, there is only one way to get a great cup of coffee – make it yourself.

Kent Rollins, a cowboy who has his own cooking channel on YouTube with over one million subscribers, revealed his secret to the best cup of coffee in one of his many videos.

It’s so easy, Rollins says you only need three ingredients: coffee, water, and fire.

Although you can make it over a wood stove, Rollins says his favorite way to brew the perfect cup of Cowboy Coffee is over a campfire.

First, you fill a 3-quart graniteware or enamel coffee pot with water to the bottom of the spout and place it over heat. Once the water is warm, add your coffee grounds. For this size of pot, he use 3/4 cup of coffee grounds. Next, you let the coffee come to a rolling boil.

Boiling the coffee grounds is extremely important because it takes the acid out of the beans and prevents acid reflux and indigestion.

“If you wanna make coffee and you want it to be the best coffee you ever drank, boil that coffee,” he said, adding that the drip coffee makers don’t get the water hot enough to take the acid out of the beans.

Next, you reduce the heat to medium for a few minutes and then take it off the heat completely where you let it set for 1-2 minutes. Finally, you add 1/2-3/4 cup of cold water down the spout of the pot to settle the coffee grounds.

That way, when you pour a cup, you won’t have any residual coffee grounds in your cup.

Watch his tutorial below.

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