How To Watch 5 Planets Align In The Sky Tonight

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Get ready to witness a magnificent celestial spectacle that will leave you in awe! Today, on March 28, five planets, along with the moon, will create a spectacular view in the night sky.

This celestial event is a real treat for sky-gazers who have been witnessing a series of breathtaking celestial events this year.

The five planets that will be visible tonight night are Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars. NASA scientist Bill Cooke says that this “alignment” of planets will look “very pretty.”

If you are looking to witness this event, make sure to head outside after sunset and find a location with as little light pollution as possible and a clear horizon.

Venus will be the brightest planet among the group, and it will appear to the upper left of Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter, on the other hand, will appear brighter than Mercury. Mars will also be visible with a noticeable hue, while Uranus will be the most difficult to find without visual aids.

Live Mint reported Rick Feinberg, senior contributing editor at Sky & Telescope magazine saying that if you want to spot most of the planets without binoculars, “Wait until the sun has set and then go out and look low in that bright part of the sky where the sun has just set with binoculars, and you should see brighter Jupiter next to fainter Mercury.” 

Feinberg says that if you follow his advice, the five planets should be visible along the waxing crescent moon.

This alignment event is actually not rare and occurred last year in June when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn stretched across the sky. However, this is still an exciting event to witness, and it’s not something you should miss.

So, get your binoculars ready and head out to witness this breathtaking event that will not occur again until 2040!

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