Humpback Whale Bursts Through Sea Next To Fisherman In 2019 Footage

Humpback Whale Bursts Through Sea Next To Fisherman In 2019 Footage | Country Music Videos

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A fisherman got the surprise of a lifetime when a large humpback whale paid him quite the visit.

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While out on Monterey Bay in Canada, photographer Douglas Croft and whale watcher Kate Cummings caught the most incredible moment on camera. The pair first noticed a humpback whale off in the distance breaching multiple times. They soon noticed that the whale was getting closer to a fisherman and his boat in the middle of the open sea.

As they watched, the giant humpback whale came soaring out of the water looking as though it was going to fall back on top of the small boat.

Croft explained, “That the breach was directly behind the fishing boat makes really shows the size. Since the boat is closer, it should look bigger, but the whale is huge! If I’d been the fisherman, I’d probably need some new underwear.”

Amazingly enough, Cummings predicted that the humpback would breach right beside the boat – therefore being able to catch this breathtaking video. She explained,

“Sometimes when whales breach multiple times, they’re also heading a specific direction when they’re underwater building momentum for the next breach.”

Cummings continues, “I figured the next breach would be around the fisherman because the whale was heading that way and sure enough…! Thought I didn’t expect the whale and the boat to line up so perfectly.”

Youtube / Caters Clips

What an unforgettable moment caught on camera! Who else agrees they would’ve freaked out?!

Check out the full video below.

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