Hunter Attempts To Walk On Ice & Slides Into Pond, Ducks Watch

L'Anguille Lounge Duck Club / Facebook

A duck hunter made the unfortunate mistake of leaving his gun uphill while hunting on thin ice.

The Arkansas-based organization, L’Anguille Lounge Duck Club, took to Facebook to share the hilarious video. In the footage, a duck hunter finds himself in an icy situation. The hunter wades across a frozen lake towards his gun, which he left at the top of a frozen bank. Only, the slick ice repetitively pushes the man backward and further into the pond.

The video is filmed by the man’s hunting partner who can be heard chuckling throughout the footage. Between giggles, the friend also expresses concern that the hunter might fall into the freezing water.

Eventually, the duck hunter manages to gather enough momentum to grip onto a nearby tree. While the man luckily climbs to safety without falling into the icy lake, viewers cannot help but notice the most amusing part of the video. There are ducks, which the man was probably hunting, smugly swimming in the video’s background.

The duck hunter learned a valuable lesson about the importance of gun placement. Still, you have to give the man props for his balancing skills!

Would you be able to make it uphill without stumbling into the water? 

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