Hunter Kills Colossal Wild Boar Caught Destroying Farmer’s Field

Arun Prakash Ramalingam / Facebook

41-year-old Arun Prakash Ramalingam, an IT administrator in Jacksonville, Florida, said he got a call from his local buddy saying that an extremely large wild boar was destroying his property and he was asking for help.

“I love hunting the giant old boar hogs,” Arun said, according to Outdoor Life. “They are not easy to get close to, often are completely nocturnal, and are incredibly tough animals. They can be bad-tempered, too, and are equipped to fight with powerful bodies and sharp tusks.”

Wild boars are extremely smart animals and use their remarkable senses of smell and hearing, along with glistening sharp tusks and extremely muscular bodies to thrive in the wilderness.

Once a wild boar is fully mature, they have no natural predators and are a challenge to hunt due to their ability to stay away from humans.

Even so, Arun has taken many hogs over the years and he was very excited to accept his buddy’s invitation to come hunt the giant beast down.

“My friend Matt Joseph has a 300-acre family farm north of the Okefenokee Swamp,” Arun said. “He called me and said there was a group of wild hogs that moved onto his farm and were ripping up his fields. A couple of the hogs were big, and he had game camera photos of a giant of boar, and asked if I wanted to hunt it.”

After seeing the trail cam photos, Arun drove out to the farm in the afternoon (April 14) ready to hunt.

He climbed 15ft into a pine tree near a dense and tangled timbered area where the boars lived with the wind blowing in the right direction so they wouldn’t smell him.

As the sun began to set, he spotted several deer wandering into the field, and right when it was dusk, a boar finally wandered out into the field.

It wasn’t the beast he saw in the trail cam photos so he let this one go and kept on waiting for the big one.

After a while, he heard some grunting and squealing coming from the woods, and right on time, around 9pm, he spotted them with his thermal binoculars coming out into the field.

Arun said there were a dozen various-sized boars but there were two that were noticeably big and one that was extremely large.

“One was easily bigger, very muscular with huge shoulders and head,” Arun said, according to Outdoor Life. “I usually shoot hogs in the neck, but I didn’t want that big boar running off into the brush and I’d have to track him. So I aimed at his head, and squeezed the trigger when he turned just right at about 100 yards.”

Arun shot and killed the giant boar instantly with a Hornady ELD-X 143 grain bullet.

He was alone in the dark, miles away from town, so he climbed down and went to his truck to drive over and take a look at it.

Arun said, “I could see him laying in the field with my night vision optics, and knew I had my work cut out for me getting him out and to the processor. I could barely move the hog. He was massive, and I could hardly set him up for photos. I’ve shot a lot of good pigs, but this one was a giant, at least 350 pounds, maybe more, and he was solid muscle, from his flanks to his shoulders and chest. A real beast.”

The hunter was able to haul the boar out of the field with his truck and his friends helped him get it ready to take to the processor to turn it into sausage.

“I’m going to make a European mount of the boar skull with tusks like I’ve done to other hogs,” Arun said, according to Outdoor Life. “They make an impressive mount, and this one is far bigger than any other hog I’ve taken.

Arun plans to go back to his buddy’s field to hunt again but this time he’s wanting to take his 10-year-old son Kavin.

“Kavin has shot hogs,” Ramalingam says of his son, “But not a real big boar, and he’s ready.”

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