Lee Brice’s 2018 “Rumor” Video Stars His Wife Sara

Lee Bryce / Youtube

Lee Brice normally keeps his personal life pretty private – but in this steamy video, he and wife Sara make their love for each other very public.

He’s admitted in past social media posts that while he sings about his wife every night, he rarely gets to sing to her. But it is looking like he is going to change all that…

The song itself is a sweet, swoon-worthy tune about two small-town friends falling in love. It is obvious the guy singing the song has strong feelings for the girl and is ready to make a move.

He sings, “There’s a rumor going ’round, and ’round, and ’round/ What d’you say we make it true?”

The slow-burning ballad continues to talk about how these two soon-t0-be lovers have the whole town talking. While the lyrics are fairly innocent – the music video Brice just released adds a little more intimacy than the song lets on.

It opens with the couple getting ready for a romantic night out – steamy shower, sensual bath, and some guitar playing included!

Lee Brice / Yotube

As the video continues, the two lovers come together at a dimly-lit hotel restaurant. With a glass of white wine and a single rose in front of her, Sara looks absolutely stunning in her simple, strappy white shirt. And the look on Brice’s face says it all. The loving exchanges between the couple’s gaze can’t be faked – they are definitely in love.

Lee Brice / Youtube

Lee Brice commented on the video, saying, “The concept behind this video was to capture real and raw footage of me and my wife. The idea was essentially us making the “rumor” true… romanticizing about a special night out together – just us.”

You can watch the passionately sultry video below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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