Lightning Strikes Moving Car & Entire Town Comes To Help

@OTerrifying / Twitter

A shocking video went super viral this December showing a lightning bolt coming down from the sky and striking a car while it was moving causing lots of people to come running to the rescue.

Twitter user “Oddly Terrifying” shared the video on December 7 and as of press, it’s received more than 8.5 million views.

“Lightning bolt strikes moving car and the entire town comes to the rescue,” Oddly Terrifying wrote on Twitter.

The video is only 37 seconds long and it starts off showing a road with cars driving down it and seemingly has no pedestrians in sight.

One car is driving about 25 miles per hour when, all of a sudden, it’s hit by a bolt of lightning striking the hood of the vehicle near its window. The hit of lightning causes the car to slow down until it comes to a complete stop.

@OTerrifying / Twitter

As it stops, it appears at least four people quickly get out while the vehicle continues to smoke. You can see on the hood of the vehicle a black burnt spot where it was hit by the high voltage electricity. It seems just miraculous that everyone appeared to be ok when they got out of the car.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, dozens, maybe even hundreds of people came running out of the homes, buildings, and shops around the road and swarmed the car in what appeared to be them running to the rescue.

It’s not clear where this happened but according to the National Weather Service, “A typical cloud-to-ground, actually cloud-to-vehicle, lightning strike will either strike the antenna of the vehicle or along the roofline. The lightning will then pass through the vehicle’s outer metal shell, then through the tires to the ground. Although every lightning strike is different, damage to the antenna, electrical system, rear windshield, and tires is common.”

The weather service went on to add that lightning can sometimes melt the antenna of a vehicle and cause a small explosion of sparks.

“A portion of the discharge may find its way into the vehicle’s electrical system and may damage or destroy electronic components, potentially leaving the car inoperable.”

Watch Footage Of The Shocking Moment Below

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