Major Win For Musicians With Passing Of Music Modernization Act


After a sweeping movement on social media by musicians from all over the world and across many genres, the Music Modernization Act has passed in a historic moment for the industry as we know it.

Earlier this year, many folks began to see their favorite artists, bands, songwriters, and other music industry players posting images and statements proclaiming their support for the MMA. As education of the moment spread, more voices were heard – and today, it’s clear that our government heard those pleas.

If you’re wondering what the MMA is and what it means for folks in the music industry, well it can be simplified by expressing that it’s an update to ages-old laws that were meant for a completely different era of music.

As time has passed and technology has evolved, royalty payments for songwriters have been all but eradicated from the system as we know it. That’s because the law governing royalties is so outdated, it was written with old-time player pianos in mind.

Basically, the MMA will update the law to more effectively monetize streaming services and new technologies to fit the way we all listen to music. This, in turn, will provide a better living for songwriters – not the people selling tickets to stadium shows, but the folks working long hours to build a hit song we like to hear our favorite artists sing.

NewsChannel 5 provided a great segment on what the MMA is and how it will change the industry. The two-part segment is a great way to learn more about this new piece of legislation.

The president of the Recording Industry Association of America called the unanimous passing of this 185-page bill a “herculean feat” that was only accomplished by the unending grit, determination, and passion from songwriters all over the nation.

“The result is a bill that moves us toward modern music licensing landscape better founded on fair market rates and fair pay for all,” the president, Mitch Glazier said.

Cheers can be seen across all of social media as many of our favorite artists and performers and songwriters celebrate the passing of this monumental act!

Share your thoughts with us in the comments and watch NewsChannel 5‘s second half of their segment on the Music Modernization Act below.

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