Man Gets Famous Eating A Whole Rotisserie Chicken Every Day For 40 Days

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A man in Philadelphia became famous and is now called “Chicken Man” after he gathered over 500 people to an abandoned pier to watch him eat 40 entire chickens for 40 days in a row.

The story goes, Alexander Tominsky went around Philadelphia posting flyers that said, “Come watch me eat an entire rotisserie chicken. November 6th will be the 40th consecutive day that I have eaten an entire rotisserie chicken. 12 o’clock noon, the chicken will be consumed on that abandoned peir near walmart. This is not a party.”

The video showed hundreds of people gathered around standing behind some yellow caution tape he placed on the ground that had a red carpet leading to a table where he would eat this rotisserie chicken.

Being the 40th day of eating chicken, Tominsky told The New York Times that he was sick of eating the bird but was going to finish what he started and ate the entire chicken down to the bone.

The crowd chanted, “Eat that chicken!” as he finished his last bite and held the empty plate up into the air. They then ran and gathered around him and cheered for him for completing his 40-day mission.

According to The New York Times, he told them that he lost 16 pounds over the 40 days, and towards the end of it, he was so sick of eating the chicken that he had to chew it in small bites and wash it down with water in order to swallow it.

“Basically, I drank the chicken,” he told the news outlet. “My body is ready for repair.”

Watch Footage Of Him Eating The Chicken Below

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