Man & Moose Square Off After He Frees It From Barbed-Wire Fence

James Boseley / YouTube

James Boseley was driving down the road in his truck when he spotted a moose on the side of the road tangled up in a fence and helplessly laying on the ground.

Feeling sorry for the animal, James stopped his vehicle and got out, set up his camera to film the rescue, and started walking over to the moose to help it get free.

It was a yearling moose, meaning very young, and instinctually tried to get up and run away, however, there was no running. The moose was 100% stuck in the fence and it appeared the only way it was going to get free is if it had help from a human.

Moose can be very dangerous because they are heavy animals and can kick as well as bite, causing life-threatening damage. Even with the potential dangers, James proceeded to get near the animal and help it anyway.

James Boseley / YouTube

It’s not clear if he used something to cut to fence wire or if he just handled it, but he certainly figured out what was wrong and was able to get the moose free.

Even with it free though, it appeared to be very exhausted and was having a hard time standing up so James bravely helped it get up to its feet.

Once on its feet, that’s when things took a turn. The moose went into combat mode and started to square up with his rescuer. It moved towards James and kicked its legs at him and fortunately it was exhausted and a young moose because James was able to somewhat keep from getting kicked.

James Boseley / YouTube

“I seen a yearling moose calf get tangled in a barbed wire fence so I released him and he wasn’t too happy with me,” James wrote on YouTube.

He ended up getting back into his vehicle and driving off leaving the moose to figure the rest of its journey out on its own and even though it didn’t act grateful, it probably was glad to be free and able to walk again.

Watch Footage Of His Rescuing The Moose Below

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