Man Publicly Roasts His Fishing Buddy On Billboard

David Vee / Facebook

In the city of Brainerd in Minnesota, there lives a good group of buddies who love nothing more than roasting each other at every chance they get, and here recently, they took their roasting to a whole new level.

One of the guys in the group named Troy gets his fair share of roastings because, according to a massive electronic billboard ad, he sucks at fishing.

The billboard seen just outside Brainerd last week, read: “This is Troy. He sucks at fishing. Talk smack to him at”

The billboard ad also had a picture of Troy with an email requesting people to call and tell Troy about how much he sucks at fishing.

Troy’s friend David Vee elaborated on the situation and said that the guys take regular fishing trips together every year and that’s where the smack-talking around Troy started. Apparently, he’s not very lucky with catching a fish during their annual fishing trips.

“He’s been less than successful in previous trips,” David said, according to Inforum.

David explained that it is normal for Troy to not catch a single fish for an entire trip and told a story specific story on how bad it got for him.

He said that their other buddy, Chappie was with them on a trip one time and he was sleeping most of the trip because he had a rough night.

“He ended up sleeping through most of the day, but at one point, Troy is still at zero fish, Chappie wakes up, sees his bobber down, catches a fish, shoves it in Troy’s face like ‘haha,’ and then goes back to sleep,” David said.

Troy still never caught a fish on that trip, and they didn’t stop smack talking him about it either. David later paid to have the billboard ad at mile marker 36 along Highway 371 smack talk Troy even more and encourage the locals to get in on the smack talking.

The email, “Troysucks and Troysucks1 were already taken,” David explained so that’s why he went with “”

He said that they have received dozens of emails from people giving advice and offering life lessons on how to fish, however, others were getting downright disrespectful and humiliating him.

One read: “Not all of us can be men and provide for our families.”

Daivd said, quoting a short email, “Some of them were completely savage.”

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