Man Riding Unicorn Floatie Rescued After Being Pulled Out To Sea By A Shark

Man fishing for a shark on a unicorn float.

@volumeupvids / TikTok

In an epic story of both determination and sheer luck, a fisherman made headlines as he was rescued from the open sea while sitting on a unicorn-shaped pool float. The intriguing incident, captured in a video posted to TikTok, unfolded when a group of men on a boat stumbled upon the surreal scene two miles off the coast.

The video clip opens with surreal footage of a lone fisherman sitting on a unicorn-themed pool float, casually bobbing up and down in the vast expanse of the ocean. In a surprising twist that remained unnoticed by the men on the boat, initially, the men didn’t realize that the man on the float had a 10ft shark on the hook of his line.

The individual filming the TikTok video from the upper deck of the boat, clearly exhilarated by the discovery, excitedly alerts his friends on the lower deck about what he saw. “Joey, there’s a guy on it,” he screams. “Get out of here,” Joey answers back, then says, “Where!?” As he looked around for the man on the float.

Man found on a float in the middle of the ocean.
@volumeupvids / TikTok

Man On Unicorn Float Explains What He’s Doing

As the boat approaches the float, the group’s curiosity turns into astonishment. They can’t contain their disbelief as they shout questions to the fisherman about his reasoning for being out this far. With a blend of bewilderment and respect, they ask him what he is doing.

The fisherman nonchalantly reveals that he’s trying to catch a shark. This revelation leaves the men on the boat in a state of sheer state of shock and amazement, realizing that the man has not only ventured two miles out to sea on a pool float but is also engaged in a high-stakes tug-of-war with an apex predator.

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Man fishing for a shark on a unicorn float.
@volumeupvids / TikTok

Ultimately, the rescue effort unfolds as the men on the boat offer a lifeline to the fisherman. While they help the fisherman off his float and onto the boat, he hilariously screams out to the men to “not forget the unicorn!” he didn’t want to be left behind.

With their introductions out of the way, the fisherman then asked the men if they had a fighting belt, a tool that assists fishermen with reeling in massive fish. The angler refused to let his catch get away, even under the most bizarre and extraordinary situation.

In the end, this remarkable tale ended with everyone laughing and happy to help the man complete his quest of catching the big shark. The man just proves that the ocean is waiting to be discovered by those who dare to venture out on a unicorn floaty, with a 10ft shark on the line pulling them.

Watch The Video Of Boaters Finding Fisherman On Unicorn Float Below

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