McDonald’s Introduces 2 New Chicken Breakfast Items

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When you think of “breakfast,” you generally think of foods like eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage, and french toast. As you crack your eggs and whip out the maple syrup for some pancakes, the last thing you likely think about adding to your dish is a piece of chicken.

But chicken breakfasts, and chicken breakfast sandwiches to be more specific, are actually pretty popular, especially at fast food restaurants. Both Chick-fil-A and Whataburger offer chicken breakfast items, and customers love them.

So it only makes sense that one of the world’s largest fast food chains has decided to introduce two new chicken items to its already famous breakfast menu. And that chain is none other than McDonald’s.

For some time now, customers have been able to order something called a “Chicken McGriddle” from McDonald’s. The sandwich has been tested a few times, and has remained a part of the restaurant’s “secret menu.”

It’s much like the other McGriddles on the menu, only it features a chicken patty in place of sausage or bacon.

According to Foodbeast, the Chicken McGriddle is one of two new chicken breakfast items McDonald’s is introducing to its menu. The outlet says the sandwich has started to appear on menus at various Southern California locations.

The other sandwich the restaurant has introduced is entirely new.

Called the McChicken Biscuit, the sandwich is described by Foodbeast as being much like the regular McChicken sandwich, just without the lettuce and mayo. It also has two biscuits as “buns” rather than traditional sandwich buns.

You can see the biscuit sandwich at the top of the advertisement in the below photo.

Both sandwiches appear on the McDonald’s website, which is a good sign they may soon be available on a nationwide scale.

Have you seen either of these sandwiches on the breakfast menu at your local McDonald’s? Did you try them? We’d love to hear what you thought.

If you haven’t had the chance to try these new breakfast sandwiches yet, will you? They may be different, but they do sound delicious!

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