Moose Gets Stuck In Pool With No Way Out, Until Officials Arrive

Moose Gets Stuck In Pool With No Way Out, Until Officials Arrive | Country Music Videos

photo credit: NH Fish and Game / Facebook


Young Moose Stuck In Pool

According to ABC News, a young moose was found walking around trapped in a pool that had no stairs for him to climb out of for several hours in Bedford, New Hampshire.

photo credit: NH Fish and Game / Facebook

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (NHF&G) were called the next morning to come assist with getting him out. They later posted a video of their efforts to their Facebook page showing the moose doing its best to escape.

They ended up having to temporarily place a wooden staircase in the corner of the pool for the moose to step on. They also used a rope to usher him towards the staircase. Fortunately, they were able to safely get the moose to step on the stairs and itself climb out.

He Finally Climbed Out Of The Pool

photo credit: NH Fish and Game / Facebook

“The pool had no stairs,” the department wrote. “By putting a set of wooden steps in the pool and coaxing the moose towards them, he was able to find his way out and back in to the woods.”

He quickly ran back into the nearby forest and it was a mission complete for the NHF&G. The wildlife officials say since its breeding season for the moose in the area and with this being a young bull he was probably on the hunt for his mate before he found himself trapped.

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