Mountain Climber Whoops Wild Bear & Throws It Off A Cliff

Bear Attacks Climber / YouTube

On October 1, 2022, a mountain climber was descending the rocky ridge of Mt. Futago in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, when a bear ran out of nowhere and tried to eat him for dinner!

He Captured It All On Video With His GoPro HERO10 Helmet

Bear Attacks Climber / YouTube

The mountain climber told media outlets that when it happened, he had no choice but to switch his feeling of fear into becoming a defensive fighter to protect his life against the bear’s aggressive assault.

All he could think about was keeping himself from dying on that mountain.

His GoPro HERO10 was attached to his helmet and showed him peacefully climbing the mountain and looking around to take in the breathtaking views of the landscape.

As he was descending down the rocky mountainside, all of a sudden, he starts screaming as a big black bear comes running from the top of the mountain straight for him.

The bear quickly ran right up to him and tried to bite the mountaineer on the arm but he used his other arm to push the bear off the cliff.

The bear fell about 10 feet onto a grassy part of the mountain and instantly started climbing back up to attack the man again.

The mountaineer was screaming as loud as he could and started to barrage the bear with hammer fists on top of its head as the apex predator approached again. 

Bear Attacks Climber / YouTube

“My hands were scratched and cut from desperately holding on to the rock. My right wrist was slightly sprained after hammering the rock and the bear,” he said on his YouTube channel called Bear Attacks Climber.

The blows to the head made the bear stop and climb back down, but then, as if none of that even happened, it started climbing back up toward the mountaineer again!

This time the man kicked the bear straight in the nose with his boot as it approached for a third time, which quickly made the bear retreat back down the mountain.

Bear Attacks Climber / YouTube

The bear turned around and looked up one more time as if it was thinking about continuing its pursuit to secure its meal, but then decided it had been beaten up enough and wandered on down the mountain.

He kept screaming until the bear ran out of sight and then the mountaineer began climbing up the mountain to get away from the aggressive animal.

“It seems that the bear attacked me to protect its cub. I invaded the bear’s territory, but since it attacked me, I defended myself with self-defense. I learned karate when I was a child, but I do mixed martial arts now, so I used the hammer fist instead of punches,” he said on his YouTube channel he named Bear Attacks Climber.

The mountain climber went on to explain on his channel that he always wears a “bear bell” but on this fateful day, he put it away as he was descending because it was annoyingly too noisy for him.

He later watched the mother bear and its cub go down the mountain while he was taking a breather. Once the bear and its cub were gone, he decided to return the way he came and continued descending the mountain.

Watch The Jaw-Dropping Intense Bear Footage Below

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